Bob Familiar presents Modern Apps and Microservices

Written by Craig Bossie on Friday, February 13, 2015

The Modern Application enables users to interact with information and people anywhere on any device. It scales resiliently and adapts to its environment. It is designed, architected, and developed using modern frameworks, patterns and methodologies. In conjunction with these new user experiences is the need to connect to and interact with a variety of online services that provide information and transactions in a scalable, resilient and cross platform way. This session delves into an emerging approach to service architecture called Microservices where applications are composed of autonomous, independently deployed, scaled, and managed services. This approach to service architecture along with the benefits of cloud platforms provides the scalable, resilient, cross platform foundation necessary for modern applications.

Microservices are autonomous, scalable services that provide easy-to-use API’s for a particular business function. This session will provide an overview of Microservices, define a logical architecture, and outline cloud deployment scenarios. A Microservice reference implementation will be used to provide a live demonstration highlighting how a one can use Azure, ASP.NET Web API, Azure Redis and Azure DocumentDb to create a highly scalable Microservice.

About Bob Familiar

Bob Familiar  is the Practice Director for the Cloud & Services team at  BlueMetal . The Cloud & Services team are practitioners of Lean Engineering, a high velocity product development process that applies Lean methodology, service oriented patterns and practices and cloud platform capabilities for the design and development of modern applications for the enterprise. Bob Familiar has been in the software industry for 29 years having worked for both ISVs such as Dunn & Bradstreet Software and ON Technology and for Microsoft as a Principal Consultant, Architect Evangelist and Director of Technology Evangelism in the Northeast. Bob holds a Masters in Computer Science from Northeastern and a patent for Object Relational Database and Distributed Computing.

Additional Information

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- Parking is free in the parking garage.
- Pizza and sodas generously provided by Base36.
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