C# 6.0: Level Up Your Productivity

Written by Craig Bossie on Sunday, January 11, 2015

CBNUG Meeting: C# 6.0: Level up your productivity

Yes, you like to write code. But you want to deliver maximum value in the least amount of time. C# 6 wants to help you achieve that goal. Since the C# team moved over to Roslyn, the newest version of the C# compiler, they've been adding features to the language that make C# development more productive. In this session, you'll learn about the new language features. You'll see primary constructors, auto property initializers, expression bodied members, null propagation operators, and  exception filters. Most importantly, you'll learn how these new language features make you more productive. You'll learn how you can type less, code more, and express your intent more succinctly and clearly. Level up your productivity and become a master of C# 6.

About Bill Wagner

Bill’s technical time is spent between curly braces, primarily with C#. His technical areas of focus are C#, .NET, TypeScript. His other, non-coding passion is to help organizations build effective, high-functioning developer teams. Bill is the author of the best selling "Effective C#", now in its second edition, and "More Effective C#". He has created LiveLessons on Async programming in C# and C# Puzzlers. His articles have appeared in MSDN Magazine, the C# Developer Center, Visual C++ Developer's Journal, Visual Studio Magazine, ASP.NET Pro, .NET Developer's Journal and more. He's written hundreds of technical articles for software developers. He actively blogs about technical and business topics at  http://thebillwagner.com . Bill is also a regional director for Microsoft. He can be reached on twitter at @billwanger or via email at bill.w.wagner@outlook.com 

Additional Information

  • Although the event is free, you need to have a ticket to attend the event. This ensures that we have a large enough space and enough food.
  • Parking is free in the parking garage.
  • Pizza and sodas generously provided by Winxnet
  • Space generously provided by the USM Computer Science Department.
  • Casco Bay .NET Users Group meetings are non-solicitation events. Sponsors are given a few minutes to speak about their company and services at the beginning of each event. Attendees are asked to refrain from soliciting business.